Levi Mark C. Dalagonan
3 min readDec 11, 2020

Self-love overflowing (from) within

All we need is to take it slow. Are you one of those people who hold on to someone just to tell yourself a lie about you being complete? Or you believe you can find true love by being with someone who’s willing to give everything for you? If your answers are all yes, then you have asses yourself. This is not to change your perspective about love, this is a loving reminder for everyone to never forget about yourself. “Take it slow” a mantra I learned whenever I put too much love for others and forget about myself. If your going through the same situation as I am, these are my words for you. Quit searching love by searching for someone else, if your mindset is “I have someone means I m enough,” erase that thought and start building yourself first.

SLOW is “Self-love overflowing (from) within”

In order to love someone you have to love yourself first, I know it may seem hard, but I tell you it’s the most fulfilling thing I ever did for myself. In order to do that, you have to de-attached yourself from people who only cause you pain, start building friendship that you know will help you gain self-confidence and most important support. Once you do that it’s much easy to feel positive because for once you have someone to be there for you.

Visit your past hobbies and create more art, it will bring you fulfillment and it will take your mind off things that are unnecessary. Maybe try painting again or start writing, because in those simple things you will have an outlet to pour your emotions and you can dedicate yourself to that talent because it will take you back to your old passion, then you’ll start to believe in yourself again. When that love is overflowing, you can already share that and bring love to others as well. Remember to radiate selflessness and kindness to people you meet in that you will always be reminded that you are loved by yourself and through that action, you let genuine people to be with you. Like a magnet, you attract people if both of you have the same substance.

Making happy memories with yourself gives you the assurance that you have lived and loved yourself and your environment already enough to love others, you will reminisce those memories and laugh because you know that you lived a good life. Being with yourself is the best thing you could ever feel, so don’t worry if your 25 and you don’t have a boyfriend, we have a long life to live let’s not forget to be with are family and friends to experience the world.

Someday you will have a family of your own and while eating dinner, you will tell them great stories when you were young and your adventures with yourself and that will give them inspiration to love their self first and take it slow.



Levi Mark C. Dalagonan

Aspiring Photojournalist, SLU Baguio PH, Communication Student