My 4 takeaways in Senior Moments 2023

Levi Mark C. Dalagonan
2 min readJul 8, 2023

Remarkable talks

As I listened to each of the seniors talk about their experiences in their internship, I got to take down some of the tips, advice, and reminders, such as:

  • Respectful

Being respectful is one of the most important things when it comes to work ethics. You need to be respectful to everyone inside and outside the workplace. Especially when going outside to cover an important event, you need to be polite when asking questions of the interviewee or asking for guidance from any personnel. You should always treat the boss and guards with the same respect because we’re all workers trying our best to survive every day.

  • Flexible

As a communication student, you need to be multi-talented. To learn and adapt to an environment in the quickest way possible. Being a jack of all trades is the best key to surviving a full-semester internship because you need to know how to work as a director, camera operator, researcher, and a lot more to mold yourself as an aspiring professional.

  • Problem-solver

When in trouble, you need to at least think fast to solve the problem. You need to be ready to encounter hundreds of complications each day. In that way, you can train your mind to be much more advanced when it comes to solving problems that you can use not just for work but also for everyday life.

What do I want to share?

As an incoming intern next school year, I would like to experience those challenges that they encountered so that I can be more aware and practice myself in the position that I’ll be facing in the future. And also to utilize my skills and knowledge that I’ve gained on campus by applying them to create an impact and change, even in the smallest way that I can.

What have I learned?

I’ve learned that there is no easy way to achieve your dreams because life is unfair, but as long as we push ourselves and fight back until we reach the end, we can say that we did our best and that we have the power to control our lives to make them fair.

Expectations as an incoming intern

My expectation is to enjoy the internship by making unforgettable memories with my colleagues. We might face some challenges, such as miscommunication and misunderstanding. As long as we work as a team, understand each other’s weaknesses, and learn to accept criticism, we can do great things and make it till the end of the next chapter of our story.



Levi Mark C. Dalagonan

Aspiring Photojournalist, SLU Baguio PH, Communication Student