4 Things that I love the most

Levi Mark C. Dalagonan
3 min readDec 14, 2020


Photography is one of the skills that I want to improve or develop; I want to find my own way of taking photos, to be recognized as an original piece of my artwork, to tell a story to my potential viewers, just by seeing my photos even without a caption on it. Last but not the least, I want to tell the truth, and serve people as my ultimate goal.


Vlogging gives me fulfillment. When I create vlogs, I feel like talking to a friend and sharing all the details of your story, a friend who listen to you no matter what. One thing I love when it comes to vlogging, is that you can watch it all the time, and go back to all the memories that you and your friends did, looking back to all the good old days that makes you think “I wish I could go back.” Vlogging isn’t just about the quantity or amount of views, subscribers, etc. Some people might think that it’s for the sake of business, but for me? The most important thing when it comes to vlogging, is the quality of the content that I share to my viewers and the memories I’ve made that I could cherish forever.


Being a model is one of my dreams, which I want to pursue someday. Modeling for me is like expressing what I feel at that particular moment. Why I love modeling? It’s because modeling is one of the best options to be who you really are, and showcasing what you really love to do without being judged by anyone.


I am the type of person who is very outgoing (extrovert), I really enjoy going somewhere because traveling makes me feel so good. Traveling is perfect for reducing stress, because sometimes we’re tired of living in the city full of people, polluted environment and a lot more of toxicity. Right now, we’re currently facing a pandemic; we can’t go outside, we’re locked in our rooms. Wandering does places that we’ve been through in the past. I hope someday I can travel the whole world, and just appreciate the beauty of it, before human race destroy it.

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Levi Mark C. Dalagonan

Aspiring Photojournalist, SLU Baguio PH, Communication Student